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SHMS provides Structural Health Monitoring for new and aging structures. From residential buildings to commercial buildings, bridges, dams, rail ways, nuclear power plants, and practically and type of structure.

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SHMS is now bringing it’s Swiss Technology to North America. The same quality and precision the rest of the world is accustomed to will now be available in the USA and also will soon be manufactured in the USA.

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Structural Health and Response Monitoring utilizes several types of sensors embedded in, or attached to a structure to detect exceedance of allowed performance criteria as well as identify and verify structural behavior.

Commercial / Residential Buildings

SHMS can detect any differential settlement and immediately notify management and/or residents if they need to evacuate immediately. You can instantly assess the viability of the structure if a natural or manmade disaster has occurred.


Structural Health Monitoring has a vast number of infrastructure applications including Dams, Bridges, Railways, and Power Plants.

Earthquake Early

Based on fast and reliable communication channels, our Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) solution provides the crucial seconds to take measures which may help reduce catastrophic impacts of seismic events.

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Reduce risks.
Lower costs.
Avoid disasters.

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Timely notifications: Audio and Visual Alarms for occupants / residents and email notifications for management should there be any changes detected. These notifications are critical for SAVING LIVES.
Reduce maintenance / repair costs significantly through early damage detection. Early detection will extend the useful life of the structure by enabling the user to have predictive maintenance verses preventative maintenance. This will lower maintenance costs throughout the like of the structure.
Response: SHMS can assist in responding to any detected changes in the structure. Responses are customized to the customer needs and can include turning off or on critical systems. By tying into the BMS of the structure our system can turn off utilities, turn off elevators, and open electronically locked doors for ease of evacuation.
Inexpensive capital expenditure compared to cost of the asset (Building/ bridge / dam / power plant / stadium / arenas / schools / etc.)
Potential discounted insurance premiums for those operating with our system.

Reactive vs. Preventive vs. Prescriptive Maintenance

Poor maintenance strategies can reduce a structure’s life span and possibly create a life hazard if not attended in time. Most inspections are visual and do not consider any internal damages if no visual signs are present. Maintenance strategies fall into one of three categories, each with its own challenges and benefits:

Reactive Maintenance

Strategy of repairing a structure
only after any damage is visible and obvious or at a point of failure.
Costs are only incurred when failure is imminent and some organizations feel that this creates an operational cost savings, when truth is that the longer you wait to repair damage it will only raise the repair costs exponentially.
More often than not ends up treating the asset symptom, rather than the problem causing the symptom.
Waiting for damages to be obvious can be a large financial burden to
any organization and may lead to a dangerous situation.

Preventive Maintenance

Also referred to as planned maintenance, this consists of regular pressure washing, painting, roof repairs and equipment maintenance.
Based on theoretical failure rates and not necessarily based on actual structural performance.
Maintenance on a regular basis is no
guarantee that the structure is safe and that there is no internal
unseen damage.
Internal damage could be lingering until this damage is obvious and therefore more costly to repair and may even make your structure unsafe to occupy.

Prescriptive Maintenance

Your structure or asset is tied to your historical data through the use of Structural Health Monitoring
System (SHM), similar to having an EKG machine put on your body to listen to what is going on internally.
SHM will continually monitor your structure in real time and comparing the results to the design parameters of the structure and inform you immediately if any structural changes have occurred.
By detecting small changes, it enables you to inspect these areas and perform minor repairs before they become a bigger and more expensive problem and possibly avoiding a dangerous situation that may costs lives.
Quantitative data is recorded and stored to a cloud where it can become the “black box” for your structure, facilitating the settlement of any claim to your insurance company.
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Top Swiss Technology & Manufacturing

SHMS manufactures their hardware and codes their software internally, making for a customized solution for each client’s application.

Easy to install, nonintrusive tech powered over Ethernet (low voltage CAT5/6).

Powerful and easy to use software with reliable tools necessary for making time sensitive decisions.

Factory direct response and great customer support.

Our Products

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland with precision and quality in mind.

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Do I need the structural plans for my structure, for you to design a SHM system?

No we do not require the structural plans to design a SHM system. It would be preferred to have the structural plans but No, it is not necessary to have the structural plans for your structure. Our structural engineers can perform a field study of your structure that would allow us to determine the threshold limits and the location of the instruments.

Do I need to have a structural engineer on site at all times to know what to do during an event to understand the results of the GeoSMART software?

No. The alarm or non-alarm conditions can be customized so that all occupants of the structure can understand by sound and or/visual alert what is required to be performed either evacuate or not evacuate.

Do I need to purchase the monthly monitoring for my system?

No it is not required for you to have SHMS to perform the monthly monitoring of your system. We can customize your system to perform various notifications via email to notify as many individuals as required of any event and what the condition of the structure is after the event.

Can I receive a discount on my property and or earthquake insurance?

Most major carriers have been known to offer anywhere from 15-25% discount on these policies. We will assist you in providing any documentation or information required to file for your discount requests.

How often will we have to calibrate the sensors or the system?

The system self-calibrates the accelerometers should their be any issues the system will inform you that service is required.

Does the GMS (datalogger) have a backup battery?

Yes the GMS has a battery that will last approximately 6-8 hours. It is recommended that this battery be replaced every 2 years.

What is the benefit of Predictive Maintenance vs Preventative Maintenance?

Innovative technologies in smart buildings drastically reduce operating and maintenance costs thanks to their ability to collect and analyze data, which previously was unattainable. In addition, sensors placed on equipment can automatically program maintenance activities, which are therefore based on use rather than pre-scheduled intervals. Predictive maintenance is 3 to 9 times cheaper than a reactive approach, traditionally achieved when the damage has already occurred. Moreover, with smart building management technologies, owners are informed of potential problems before the equipment actually fails.


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