Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need the structural plans for my structure, for you to design a SHM system?

No we do not require the structural plans to design a SHM system. It would be preferred to have the structural plans but No, it is not necessary to have the structural plans for your structure. Our structural engineers can perform a field study of your structure that would allow us to determine the threshold limits and the location of the instruments.

Do I need to have a structural engineer on site at all times to know what to do during an event to understand the results of the GeoSMART software?

No. The alarm or non-alarm conditions can be customized so that all occupants of the structure can understand by sound and or/visual alert what is required to be performed either evacuate or not evacuate.

Do I need to purchase the monthly monitoring for my system?

No it is not required for you to have SHMS NA to perform the monthly monitoring of your system. We can customize your system to perform various notifications via email to notify as many individuals as required of any event and what the condition of the structure is after the event.

Can I receive a discount on my property and or earthquake insurance?

Most major carriers have been known to offer anywhere from 15-25% discount on these policies. We will assist you in providing any documentation or information required to file for your discount requests.

Can the system alert us when a GMS battery needs changing?

Yes. Within the firmware there exists a date field for the battery date of manufacturing, which has to be filled. The system will issue alerts if the date has not been put in or if the age of the battery is more than three years old.

How often will we have to calibrate the sensors or the system?

The system self-calibrates the accelerometers should their be any issues the system will inform you that service is required.

Does the GMS (datalogger) have a backup battery?

Yes the GMS has a battery that will last approximately 6-8 hours. It is recommended that this battery be replaced every 2 years.

What is the benefit of Predictive Maintenance vs Preventative Maintenance?

Innovative technologies in smart buildings drastically reduce operating and maintenance costs thanks to their ability to collect and analyze data, which previously was unattainable. In addition, sensors placed on equipment can automatically program maintenance activities, which are therefore based on use rather than pre-scheduled intervals. Predictive maintenance is 3 to 9 times cheaper than a reactive approach, traditionally achieved when the damage has already occurred. Moreover, with smart building management technologies, owners are informed of potential problems before the equipment actually fails.

A free-field strong-motion station for a subject area is intended to measure ground motions that can represent the reference motion not contaminated by any man-made / natural random noise or by structural response or soil-structure interaction.

Here are general guidelines for the selection and or establishment of such a station:

  • A foundation that is well coupled with the ground and well protected from environmental effects
  • Far away from roads or from any source of transient and random vibration
  • Far away from any structure at a distance 3 to 4 times of any dimension of such structure
  • Preferred to be on the same type of soil as the overall area under consideration
  • Reasonable easy access at all times

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