AC-2x Accelerometer

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Full Scale ± 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 and 4g jumper selectable
Bandwidth 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz (optional 200 Hz)
Excellent temperature stability
Strong-Motion, Free field and Industrial applications
Downhole version (AC-23-DH) is also available
Different housing and mounting options are available
Single Bolt Mounted Enclosure provides up to ± 10° of Levelling Adjustment

Product Description

The AC-23 package is a triaxial accelerometer sensor designed for Strong Motion and industrial applications where a high sensitivity is required. The AC-2x series are state-of-the-art servo-accelerometers based on standard exploration geophone mass-spring system with electronic feedback. Having remarkable temperature and aging stability because of the very simple principle, the AC-2x rarely requires maintenance.

Triaxial, biaxial and uniaxial configurations are all available in surface and downhole models, complementing the versatile useability of the AC-2x.

The AC-2x is housed in a sealed cast aluminium housing with the dimensions of 195 x 112 x 95 mm. The housing also offers a single bolt mounting system with three levelling screws. Stainless steel housings as well as internal mounting inside GSR-xxAH housing options are available. With the help of the TEST LINE the sensor can be easily and completely tested. Full scale is user selectable on site by setting the internal jumpers. The AC-2x accelerometer is directly compatible with the GeoSIG recorders.

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