AC-4x Accelerometer

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Full Scale: ± 2 g (± 0.625, 1, 4, 5 g optional)
Bandwidth DC to 100 Hz
MEMS Accelerometer
High accelerations measurement
High shock survivability
Large temperature range
High lifetime stability
Cost effective sensor
Low power consumption
Simple test and calibration
Single Bolt Mounted Enclosure provides up to ± 10° of Leveling Adjustment

Product Description

The AC-43 sensor package is a triaxial accelerometer designed for urban and industrial applications regarding strong motion earthquake survey and vibration monitoring as well as alarm and switch systems. All these applications require rugged sensors with minimum maintenance and a simple method for periodic testing.

The AC-4x accelerometer is based on the modern MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology, consisting of sensing cells assembled in a way that optimizes their performances. This combined with the state of the art proprietary circuit design yields this cost effective and reliable accelerometer. MEMS cells include linear accelerometer sensing elements which measure the capacitance variation in response to any movement or inclination and a factory trimmed interface chip that converts the capacitance variations into analog or digital signal proportional to the motion.

The DC response allows the sensor to be easily repaired, tilt tested or recalibrated in the field. With the help of the TEST LINE, the AC-4x accelerometer can be completely tested assuring proper operation. The AC-4x is typically housed in the standard GeoSIG sealed cast aluminium housing with dimensions of 195 x 112 x 95 mm. The housing also incorporates a single bolt mount with three levelling screws. Stainless steel packaging options are available. The AC-4x accelerometer is directly compatible with the GeoSIG recorders. It is also designed to be mounted internally in standard GeoSIG recorders.

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