Arolla - VE series - Broadband Seismometer

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Precision calibration of sensor response
Flat response from 120 seconds to 50 Hz
Automatic leveling and mass centering; remote mass centering available
No mass locking needed
Electromagnetic shielding
Corrosion resistant and robust housing
Output sensitivity of 1200 V/m/sec

Product Description

Designed and handmade in Switzerland, arolla broadband seismometer is the culmination of years of experience designing high precision, low noise, and reliable seismic equipment.

Arolla’s versatile, compact, lightweight, and rugged design, make it an ideal choice for many applications and use cases.

From the beginning, the design goals for the arolla broadband seismometer were to make the most accurate, most reliable, easy to use/deploy, and consistent quality sensor on the market. Its triaxial design, wide temperature range, low temperature sensitivity, magnetic shielding, precision factory calibration of the sensor response, and robustness help to achieve these goals and beyond.

The introduction of arolla marks the launch a new series of seismometers by GeoSIG, which will be complemented with further exciting products.

Arolla will also be available in a posthole version.

Typical applications include study of local, regional, and teleseismic events; national seismic networks; Earth mode observations; site surveys; and more.

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