Digital Sensor System

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High expandability
Up to 15 channels thru 3 analogue and 12 digital inputs
Easy and low cost installation
Real-time data conversion and processing
Low and Highpass filtering, decimation
500’000 hours MTBF obtained from real field statistics
Reliable Data for damage detection, decision making and post event evaluation
Permanent self-monitoring without affecting its normal operation
Building code compliant
User-configurable periodical state of health (SOH) report

Product Description

GeoSIG Digital Sensor System has been developed to accommodate the requirements for a cost effective and practical installation in circumstances where several measuring points need to be deployed over long distances.

The system consists of GMSplusD recorder and AC-7xD or AC-4xD digital accelerometers, with the option of adding analogue sensors. Each digital accelerometer transfers its data digitally, accurately and effectively to the GMSplusD through a single cost effective Cat5E cable.

It is possible to connect up to 4 digital accelerometers (AC-7xD / AC-4xD) to a GMSplusD with a total length of 1’000 meters.

Additionally internal or external analogue sensors can be connected to the same GMSplusD to increase the number of monitored channels to 15.

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