ela - GMS series

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Based on GMS flagship technology
Fast and easy setup and deployment
Floor or wall mount with automatic offset compensation
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Alarm relays* for auto-shutdown
Wi-Fi* connectivity
Time synchronization via NTP or GNSS* (GPS, BeiDou and GLONASS)
Internal Memory for up to 100 days of continuous recording
Record and stream simultaneously in the real-time with multiple filtering options
Support for Earthquake Intensity Meter Protocol (China)
Ideal for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Product Description

ela is the state-of-the-art accelerograph designed for large scale deployment for indoor and outdoor installations. It is a pedigree of GeoSIG's flagship GMS series of recorders with more than 10 years of proven field test for reliability and high performance.

Its compact and robust purpose-built design allows ela to be used as part of a large deployment for EEW. It can stream real-time data and record with multiple filtering options and embedded adjustable triggering algorithms, making it an asset in damage estimation and disaster management.

ela is a cost-effective solution, yet still effective for many sensitive applications where flexibility in data manipulation is a serious demand.

State-of-health data can be transmitted at user configurable intervals to a data centre for management and maintenance purposes. ela's many customisable features and its attractive price point — without sacrificing reliability or quality — make it ideal for large scale deployment. ela is fully compatible with existing GeoSIG sensors and can co-exist and co-perform in the same network as the GMS series recorders.

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