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Instrument setup to change any configuration parameters of any instrument(s)
State of Health (SOH) monitoring for permanent or periodical monitoring of instrument/system status
Downloading of the event files from recorder(s)
Real-time data viewer and recorder for instrument(s) providing data streams
Off-line data viewer
Logger features to store important system messages in a log file
Station Map
Network Monitor
Network Links
Statistics of Communications

Product Description

GeoDAS is a graphical Microsoft Windows-based application. It provides the most comprehensive, intuitive and versatile features available in the earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measuring industry. Fundamentally the program is used for instrument configuration and for acquisition of data provided by any standard GeoSIG instrument. . All recent Windows versions are supported, down to Windows 7. It may work also on the obsolete Windows XP but we no longer support it.Virtual machines or wrapper applications can be used to enable its many features to run under Linux, Mac OS, Unix and other operating systems too.

The GeoDAS-COM package includes the GeoDAS-BASE package and specific basic cables and hardware certified to use with the relevant equipment supplied. The Data Analysis part of GeoDAS (GeoDAS-DAP) has been developed by GeoSIG especially for the strong motion, earthquake engineering and civil engineering data analysis.

The general functionality of GeoDAS briefly described above is used in most applications based on GeoSIG equipment. Moreover special GeoDAS versions (i.e. GeoDAS-AEP, GeoDAS-NPP, etc) offer special functions, some of which are supplied for particular applications or some of which can be activated in special cases only.

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