GeoSwitch - Seismic Switch

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Three independent seismic relays
Seismic event and equipment fault alarms
Redundant Quadruplet Matrix (RQM)™ of triaxial MEMS accelerometers
Internal maintenance free power backup
Non-battery power autonomy
Intuitive LCD display and LED indicators
Automatic self-checkingEasy installation and maintenance
Bluetooth or USB console and serial MODBUS interfaces
Intuitive GeoSwitch Configurator™ software for Windows and Mac OS X
Push buttons for the easiest user interaction
Complies with EU, ASME, ASCE, ICC regulations

Product Description

GeoSwitch is packed with many dominant distinctive features offering approvingly reliable protection for people, critical assets, devices and industrial processes. Delivering highly accurate detection of a strong earthquake or structural vibration with various safe shut down options. GeoSwitch has a broad range of applications such as Industrial Processes, Chemical Processes, Gas Valves, Hazardous Systems, Solenoids, elevators, walkways, Electronic gates and doors.

GeoSwitch provides a complete seismic switch system including four rugged triaxial accelerometers organized in GeoSIG RQM™ format and a digital threshold detection circuitry for up to three independent switch levels, output relays, and power backup. GeoSwitch is housed in a versatile industrial rated enclosure with a single cable inlet for all connections.

Ideally suited for accurate monitoring of strong ground motions to control relay contacts at different acceleration levels for warning and/or alarm functions the GeoSwitch provides user programmable set-points over the full measuring range available. Key features of the GeoSwitch include a wide selection of secure user interaction options including the built-in on demand Bluetooth, or the hardware ports of USB and serial MODBUS. The USB console interface conveniently located under the transparent hood of the unit provides the simplest installation and maintenance under any condition using the GeoSwitch Configurator™ software.

Compensation for non-level mounting is provided by the GeoSwitch’s sophisticated digital electronics, therefore high-precision leveling is not required.The non-battery and maintenance free backup power guarantees proper functionality even if the power is lost at the moment of disaster. A large and clear multi-line LCD screen as well as system status LEDs are only some of the unique features of the GeoSwitch, which provides clear and immediately useable information about the system status, latest sensor values, list and details of the last several events, as well as any relevant notifications it may provide. Not only the versatility and user friendly interface but also the internal digital circuitry of the GeoSwitch has several advanced features, which implements the decades of GeoSIG experience in monitoring strong ground motions into this unique and reliable seismic switch.

GeoSwitch performs automatic system tests continuously on each sensing and processing component which yields a truly reliable unit. An error indicator is illuminated if a system trouble is detected, for which one of the relays can be assigned as well. The cable terminal port of the GeoSwitch provides the easiest connectivity and a host of services to any remote operator. The state-of the art MODBUS interface allows integration of the GeoSwitch into existing infrastructures.

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