GMSplus - GMSplus6

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Second generation of NetQuakes Recorder
3 or 6 channels, up to 1000 sps sampling rate* up to 15 channels using digital sensors
Low noise individual 24-bit Δ−Σ ADC per channel
Internal built-in and/or external sensors
Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi** and Serial links
Smart NTP timing, GPS time base, or time synchronisation via radio channel or cable
Enhanced connectivity via landline modems, 3G cellular devices and satellite links
Recording to SD or CF cards, up to 128 GByte
USB interface for external storage and communication devices**
Continuous data recording to ringbuffers
Flexible configuration of multiple triggers
Simultaneous data streaming to several clients

Product Description

GMSplus is the ground breaking late generation of the GeoSIG Measuring Systems with high performance, excellent operational flexibility and enhanced connectivity. The unit is based on the GMS technology of NetQuakes Seismographs, which are developed in close coordination with USGS, and deployed in high quantities in North America establishing the NetQuakes network.

It includes an Ethernet connection and optionally a Wi-Fi (b/g/n) module to ensure fast and reliable data transfer. Both wired and wireless network interfaces can be used simultaneously. Its design and efficiency makes it the first choice for any application requiring seismic instruments. With its optimized installation, operation and maintenance philosophy, the GMSplus offers the real possibility to implement high density arrays with total costs at a small fraction of conventional strong-motion seismograph networks.

The instrument’s software processes data in real time. If triggered by a seismic event, GMSplus calculates a number of Event Parameters and reports them to a data centre immediately. GMSplus is a self-contained instrument and is equipped with an uninterruptible power-supply, which provides more than 24 hours autonomy. The GMSplus uses an “Intelligent Adaptive Real Time Clock” (IARTC) with self-learning temperature compensation, improving the accuracy of the RTC or TXCO significantly. The IARTC is able to synchronize with GPS or NTP to UTC timing to provide high timing accuracy. Optionally the unit itself can act as an NTP server as well.

The instrument can be locally connected to a laptop through its ports for configuration, testing or data retrieval. Same functions are available remotely as well. Wired or Wireless Interconnected Network option enables the use of several units together in a time and trigger synchronised manner. Optionally the USB support enables the user to connect various external devices such as high capacity storage devices, 3G modems, etc.

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