scai - GMS series

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Modular electronics for field repair and upgrade
3 or 6* channels, up to 2000 sps sampling rate
Low noise individual 24-bit Δ−Σ ADC per channel
Internal built-in and/or external sensor options
Wired, Wi-Fi*, GSM*, satellite* links
Power-Over-Ethernet and wide power range
Smart satellite* or network timing
USB for storage and communication devices*
Continuous data recording to ringbuffers
Flexible configuration of multiple triggers
Simultaneous data streaming to several clients
Virtual signals from realtime processed sensor signal

Product Description

GeoSIG's latest offering— scai (pronounced /skaI/, like the sky above and named after a Swiss peak, Piz Scai)—is the groundbreaking latest generation of the GeoSIG Measuring Systems with highest performance, excellent operational flexibility and enhanced connectivity. With its optimized installation, operation and maintenance philosophy, scai offers an abundance of features and options. Its user-replaceable modular electronic boards make scai extremely maintainable and future-proof.

It includes an Ethernet connection and optionally a Wi-Fi (b/g/n) module to ensure fast and reliable data transfer. Both wired and wireless network interfaces can be used simultaneously. Its design and efficiency make it the first choice for any application requiring seismic instruments. Highly reduced cost of ownership and user-friendly approach in the design make scai the perfect choice for the most advanced user. Numerous optimisations within the architecture and the design yields unprecedented performance for seamless and fast execution of all system processes.

The instrument’s software processes data in real time. If triggered by a seismic event, scai calculates a number of Event Parameters and reports them to a data centre immediately. scai is a self-contained instrument and is equipped with numerous power options. The instrument uses an “Intelligent Adaptive Real Time Clock” (IARTC) with self-learning temperature compensation, improving the accuracy of the RTC or TXCO significantly. The IARTC is able to synchronize with GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo) to provide high timing accuracy. Optionally the unit itself can act as an NTP server as well.

The instrument can be locally connected to a laptop through its ports for configuration, testing or data retrieval. The same functions are available remotely as well. Wired or Wireless Interconnected Network option enables the use of several units together in a time and trigger synchronised manner. There are multiple data storage options available.

scai is fully compatible with existing GeoSIG sensors and can co-exist and co-perform in the same network as the GMS series recorders. The simple upgrade path makes scai "future proof."

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