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High reliability by using only analog signal and hardware for the trip signal
Field proven GeoSIG accelerometer
Trip on any individual sensor axis or on any vector sum of axes
Highly flexible analog filtering for the sensor signal to fit project requirements
Testable analog full chain from sensor up to alarm output
Permanent monitoring of the connection to the sensor
Easy maintenance and simple troubleshooting with rich number of test points and indicators
Protected against misuse with key switch and permanent monitoring
Permanent digital recording of full waveform
Digital recorder based on field proven GeoSIG CR-6plus system
Realtime streaming of digital waveform and system status through Ethernet or Serial interface
Comprehensive dedicated software package

Product Description

STS is a state-of-the-art seismic switch / trip system packaged as a 19’’ rack module consisting of Slot-in Modules (SiMs) inserted into vertical slots with a remote accelerometer connected to it. It provides a set of highly reliable alarm contacts as outputs activated by exceedance of acceleration and/or based on state of health. The STS combines the best of the analog and digital technologies by utilising only hardware for the highly reliable alarms, and digital data acquisition for realtime digital monitoring, recording, playback, in-depth processing and archiving of the sensor signal. The unit provides full traceability of the sensor signal as well as the system logs, even if no trip was activated; with a buffer spanning to several weeks back. All of the digital information can also be provided to remote users in real time, on demand, continuously and/or periodically.

Applications include:

  • Automatic Seismic Trip System (ASTS)
  • Detectors for integration in an ASTS
  • Connection to an emergency shutdown system
  • Nuclear Reactor protection
  • Power Plant protection / stop
  • Industrial Process protection / stop

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