VE-1x Velocity Sensor

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Wide Full Scale Range, ± 1 to ± 100 mm/s
Bandwidth 1 Hz to 315 Hz
Civil Engineering and general vibration measurement applications
Built-in Impulse Test Circuit
Single Bolt Mounted Housing provides up to ± 10° of Levelling Adjustment

Product Description

The VE Velocity Sensors are engineered for consistent performance over a long lifetime. Advanced computerised testing, manufacturing techniques and quality control are used in the production process to provide both, the uniform parameters and the rugged qualities required in modern velocity sensors.

The sensor module has proven itself successfully world-wide for many years in different applications. The symmetrical rotating dual coil construction minimises the force on the spring arms. The use of precious metals ensure optimum electrical contact and a long operating life. The VE Velocity Sensors operate from a wide range of input voltages and can be used for a variety of civil engineering and general vibration measurement applications.

The VE-11-H is uniaxial horizontal, the VE-11-V uniaxial vertical, VE-12 biaxial and the VE-13 is a triaxial velocity sensor. The VE Velocity Sensors are housed in a very compact 195 x 112 x 95 mm case. The sealed cast aluminium housing contains a MS style connector or a sealed cable inlet. The housing also incorporates a single bolt mount with three levelling screws, which offers extended adjusting capability during mounting.

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