VE-5x Seismometer

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Sensitivity: 1000 V/m/s differential
Bandwidth: 1.1 s (0.9 Hz) to 89 Hz - 8.0 s (0.125 Hz) to 160 Hz (BB version)
Dynamic Range: > 125 dB (0.9 - 15 Hz) - > 120 dB (0.9 - 30 Hz)
Robust mechanical design
Excellent temperature and aging stability
Low power consumption
Easy testing, low maintenance

Product Description

The VE-5x is a triaxial short period seismometer designed for seismic monitoring applications.

The VE-5x seismometer is based on a state of the art geophone mass-spring system with electronic feedback. It is ideally suited for installation in vaults with low to moderate noise.

VE-5x offers a remarkable stability under temperature fluctuations or against aging.

In addition due to the innovative design of the unit no mass locking is required.

The VE-5x is housed in a sealed cast aluminium housing. The housing incorporates a single bolt mounting system with three levelling screws.

The broaderband version, VE-53-BB, is suitable for applications involving an extended frequency range.

Stainless steel or Ex-proof packaging options and a downhole version, VE-53-DH, are also available.The VE-5x seismometer is directly compatible with all GeoSIG solutions.

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